Walikota Long Sleeve Show Shirt

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Refined close fitting elegance. The Walikota shirt is gathered at the chest and waist to flatter your silhouette.

+ ALSportswear StyleTech Mesh
> Very Comfortable: soft to touch, fresh on the skin, and nice and stretchy thanks to the technical Lycra.
> Resistant and flexible: a high-quality fabric designed to last.
> Heat-regulating: breathable material that controls the body’s temperature, helps to eliminate sweat and dries quickly. Because you don’t sweat, you shimmer ?
> Antibacterial treatment to prevent the development of bad odors.

+ Exude confidence with this long-sleeved top

  • Close fitting elegance.
  • Gathered at chest level to soften big busts, or highlight smaller busts.
  • The gathers continue to the waist and provide a slimming effect.
  • Sports cuffs and a high-necked collar, concealing an invisible zip, both in white satin.
  • The collar can be worn in 3 different ways: open for a smart-casual look, closed to give more elegance when competing, or collar closed and zip half open for a more glamorous look.
  • The wrist cuffs fasten with two invisible studs which allow a glimpse of the skin through a stylish droplet-shaped slit.
  • Wear in horse riding competition or every day.

+ Practical and easy care
All our StyleTech tops have Easy Iron technology: no need to iron*!
The fabric withstands the passage of time, doesn’t lose its shape and won’t go see-through. Feel free to wear absolutely any color of underwear (but ideally without textured patterns!).

+ Care Advice

Machine wash at a maximum of 30°C (86°F); do not tumble dry.

*Easy iron – no need to iron if you simply hang the top on a hanger after washing. Because we aren’t fans of ironing either!

Walikota Long Sleeve Show Shirt

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