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Sanitize Me – Sanitizing Spray is a moisturizing germ killer!

Sanitize Me is made with 99% alcohol, aloe vera juice and essential oils. You just need a spritz! It comes in Unscented, Lavender, and Citrus.

Number of sprays per container:
Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic 70% by vol.
Topical Solution
Hand Sanitizer
Non-sterile Solution 

.35 oz vial – approximately 65 sprays

2 oz bottle – approximately 185 sprays

This is a sanitizing liquid spray that is easy to use and contains 99% pure anhydrous alcohol, aloe vera juice and nourishing oils. This formula is designed to keep your skin nourished and clean. This spray is effective against most common germs and can be used on surfaces as well. It dries quickly and does not leave a tacky residue.

Every refreshing spritz of Sanitize Me offers organic essential oils to offer mood balancing effects and scent, and aloe vera juice to soothe, repair and nourish skin.

99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera, Organic Essential Oils

For healthy hands: Spray onto palm. Rub hands together until they’re dry.
Alternatively, you can spray on surfaces in your home, door handle, keyboards, shopping carts, yoga mat …. etc.

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