Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear

Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear is a french equine fashion brand for both the horse and rider.Their promise is elegance, performance and comfort.

Alexandra Ledermann has managed to make the link between what is on trend in the fashion world and what is functional in the equine world – not many equine brands do this so well.

Her products are great quality, still looking good for years even when worn for everyday use, and they also flatter the feminine figure beautifully. You will always feel special when you wear a garment made by Alexandra Ledermann.

Alexandra Ledermann designs garments which are clearly a french style with a flair all of their own. Some equine brands claim they can go from the stable to the street, however Alexander Ledermann lets you go from the stable to the city! Her clothing is so chic your non horsey friends won’t believe you are wearing an equestrian brand!

Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear also designs beautiful equipment for your horse, again with that wonderful french styling that turns ordinary into elegance.

If you are after a competition shirt that is more flattering then most, or an amazing pair of breeches that look like fashionable pants, you cannot pick a more elegant brand to choice a garment from then Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear.

4 products

4 products